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Data & Hardware Problems

For a few days now the weather station has been playing up. Specifically, it fails to report wind/rain/temperature when it’s dark. Pretty strange huh?

Actually it’s easily explained. During the day the system uses solar power to send it’s updates wirelessly to my base-station. At night it uses a combination of battery power and capacitance to continue sending. The capacitor is charged during the day from the solar panel.

I think the most likely culprit is a failed capacitor so I’m going to try to replace it myself. After all - sending the system away will put it completely offline for a week at least and replacing the whole thing will cost me well over £1000. So it’s a no brainer really. If it doesn’t work then we’re in trouble … but let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.

I ordered some of these bad boys today from the nice people at RS Components in Corby :-


I doubt anyone in the world is interested in this but it’s a Supercapacitor HV 10F 2.7V 0.034 Ohm and it cost me about £6 to have 2 delivered (thought a spare might come in handy).

Fingers crossed, I’ll update back here in a day or so once I’ve done a bit of soldering Winking

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