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The animation below is made up of images captured yesterday. It starts automatically and you can pause it by hovering your mouse pointer over the images. You can also reverse or push the slides backwards and forwards using the arrows. The delay between the images when they’re running is 0.75s so it’s quite quick.

Ltn 0000Ltn 0005Ltn 0010Ltn 0015Ltn 0020Ltn 0025Ltn 0030Ltn 0035Ltn 0040Ltn 0045Ltn 0050Ltn 0055Ltn 0100Ltn 0105Ltn 0110Ltn 0115Ltn 0120Ltn 0125Ltn 0130Ltn 0135Ltn 0140Ltn 0145Ltn 0150Ltn 0155Ltn 0200Ltn 0205Ltn 0210Ltn 0215Ltn 0220Ltn 0225Ltn 0230Ltn 0235Ltn 0240Ltn 0245Ltn 0250Ltn 0255Ltn 0300Ltn 0305Ltn 0310Ltn 0315Ltn 0320Ltn 0325Ltn 0330Ltn 0335Ltn 0340Ltn 0345Ltn 0350Ltn 0355Ltn 0400Ltn 0405Ltn 0410Ltn 0415Ltn 0420Ltn 0425Ltn 0430Ltn 0435Ltn 0440Ltn 0445Ltn 0450Ltn 0455Ltn 0500Ltn 0505Ltn 0510Ltn 0515Ltn 0520Ltn 0525Ltn 0530Ltn 0535Ltn 0540Ltn 0545Ltn 0550Ltn 0555Ltn 0600Ltn 0605Ltn 0610Ltn 0615Ltn 0620Ltn 0625Ltn 0630Ltn 0635Ltn 0640Ltn 0645Ltn 0650Ltn 0655Ltn 0700Ltn 0705Ltn 0710Ltn 0715Ltn 0720Ltn 0725Ltn 0730Ltn 0735Ltn 0740Ltn 0745Ltn 0750Ltn 0755Ltn 0800Ltn 0805Ltn 0810Ltn 0815Ltn 0820Ltn 0825Ltn 0830Ltn 0835Ltn 0840Ltn 0845Ltn 0850Ltn 0855Ltn 0900Ltn 0905Ltn 0910Ltn 0915Ltn 0920Ltn 0925Ltn 0930Ltn 0935Ltn 0940Ltn 0945Ltn 0950Ltn 0955Ltn 1000Ltn 1005Ltn 1010Ltn 1015Ltn 1020Ltn 1025Ltn 1030Ltn 1035Ltn 1040Ltn 1045Ltn 1050Ltn 1055Ltn 1100Ltn 1105Ltn 1110Ltn 1115Ltn 1120Ltn 1125Ltn 1130Ltn 1135Ltn 1140Ltn 1145Ltn 1150Ltn 1155Ltn 1200Ltn 1205Ltn 1210Ltn 1215Ltn 1220Ltn 1225Ltn 1230Ltn 1235Ltn 1240Ltn 1245Ltn 1250Ltn 1255Ltn 1300Ltn 1305Ltn 1310Ltn 1315Ltn 1320Ltn 1325Ltn 1330Ltn 1335Ltn 1340Ltn 1345Ltn 1350Ltn 1355Ltn 1400Ltn 1405Ltn 1410Ltn 1415Ltn 1420Ltn 1425Ltn 1430Ltn 1435Ltn 1440Ltn 1445Ltn 1450Ltn 1455Ltn 1500Ltn 1505Ltn 1510Ltn 1515Ltn 1520Ltn 1525Ltn 1530Ltn 1535Ltn 1540Ltn 1545Ltn 1550Ltn 1555Ltn 1600Ltn 1605Ltn 1610Ltn 1615Ltn 1620Ltn 1625Ltn 1630Ltn 1635Ltn 1640Ltn 1645Ltn 1650Ltn 1655Ltn 1700Ltn 1705Ltn 1710Ltn 1715Ltn 1720Ltn 1725Ltn 1730Ltn 1735Ltn 1740Ltn 1745Ltn 1750Ltn 1755Ltn 1800Ltn 1805Ltn 1810Ltn 1815Ltn 1820Ltn 1825Ltn 1830Ltn 1835Ltn 1840Ltn 1845Ltn 1850Ltn 1855Ltn 1900Ltn 1905Ltn 1910Ltn 1915Ltn 1920Ltn 1925Ltn 1930Ltn 1935Ltn 1940Ltn 1945Ltn 1950Ltn 1955Ltn 2000Ltn 2005Ltn 2010Ltn 2015Ltn 2020Ltn 2025Ltn 2030Ltn 2035Ltn 2040Ltn 2045Ltn 2050Ltn 2055Ltn 2100Ltn 2105Ltn 2110Ltn 2115Ltn 2120Ltn 2125Ltn 2130Ltn 2135Ltn 2140Ltn 2145Ltn 2150Ltn 2155Ltn 2200Ltn 2205Ltn 2210Ltn 2215Ltn 2220Ltn 2225Ltn 2230Ltn 2235Ltn 2240Ltn 2245Ltn 2250Ltn 2255Ltn 2300Ltn 2305Ltn 2310Ltn 2315Ltn 2320Ltn 2325Ltn 2330Ltn 2335Ltn 2340Ltn 2345Ltn 2350Ltn 2355egcam

Welcome to Leavening Weather Station.

Weather Forecasts, webcam and Live weather information from Ryedale in North Yorkshire, UK.



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