Website Issues

I recently noticed that the Leavening Weather Station website had mysteriously started to mis-behave.

The menus stopped appearing on mobile devices and half of the graphs weren’t working at all … very strange.

I’ve finally got around to investigating today and, hurrah, I think it’s all okay again now. If you think it isn’t please let me know. If you think it is please let everyone else know 😉

Outage 14/06/20

So, Windoze 10 updates itself automatically last night, rebooted and then sat there asking me to confirm some account details; thus leaving the Weather Station offline all night. How annoying. Lucky I got up early and noticed it… All should be working again now including our weather forecast for Leavening which I’m just running again now 😉

Bridlington Tide Times

A long time ago I put a tide times for Bridlington page on the website. It had a table of times and heights as well as lunar information. More importantly I had a nice chart showing the tide information. Upgrading php sadly broke this page as something went wrong with a database query. After a good few hours trial and error I got it working again today so it’s now been added into the new-look website for your viewing pleasure 😉 You can see it here.

Website Update

Oh my goodness. The website has been down for a couple of weeks whilst I totally re-wrote it. A web-server upgrade broke a lot of my scripts and prevented lots of content from working correctly.

I’ve moved the whole thing onto another platform but it’s taking ages to get it working. Thank God for furlough 😉

Please bear with me, I’ll get everything working again as soon as I can.