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I’ve realised, in life, that absolutely nothing is straightforward.

A few days ago my browser (Safari) started saying that this website was ‘insecure’. This is because it didn’t use https: and instead was using http: - As this obviously isn’t an eCommerce site which collects and retains no data this seems a bit unfair.

I totally understand why your bank or an online retailer needs the extra security which SSL provides as data exchanged between the user’s browser and the website server is encrypted.

As it’s impossible to hold back the tide of so-called progress I’ve changed the site to https. You don’t need to do anything as it will redirect old http requests to the new pages.

Repair Complete

The new components turned up within 24 hours - great service from RS.

Once everything was dismantled it was pretty obvious what the problem was …


Just look at the state of the existing super capacitor - it’s completely blown.

and with a bit of help …

Soldering Iron

And a bit of an audience …

Davis Vantage Pro

It’s all back up and running. Just in time for it to pour with rain. The real test will be post sunset tonight (possibly tomorrow if the capacitor couldn’t charge today).

Total cost of repair, about £3 plus £4.90 for a replacement battery. #GREATVALUE

Data & Hardware Problems

For a few days now the weather station has been playing up. Specifically, it fails to report wind/rain/temperature when it’s dark. Pretty strange huh?

Actually it’s easily explained. During the day the system uses solar power to send it’s updates wirelessly to my base-station. At night it uses a combination of battery power and capacitance to continue sending. The capacitor is charged during the day from the solar panel.

I think the most likely culprit is a failed capacitor so I’m going to try to replace it myself. After all - sending the system away will put it completely offline for a week at least and replacing the whole thing will cost me well over £1000. So it’s a no brainer really. If it doesn’t work then we’re in trouble … but let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.

I ordered some of these bad boys today from the nice people at RS Components in Corby :-


I doubt anyone in the world is interested in this but it’s a Supercapacitor HV 10F 2.7V 0.034 Ohm and it cost me about £6 to have 2 delivered (thought a spare might come in handy).

Fingers crossed, I’ll update back here in a day or so once I’ve done a bit of soldering Winking


I finally moved the Weather Forecast page over from a lazy iFrame inclusion to a real php page. It’s MILES better. Should have done this ages ago because the page length has never been correct due to the fixed size of the frame. Added a search box to all pages.

Also, I was wondering why my Forecast Accuracy Report on Temperature (FART) script was indicating that the poor old Norwegian Weather Service (YRNO) were so useless at forecasting the temperatures for Malton … on closer inspection it appears that the script was using some place in Italy for the report Winking This happened because I reinstalled everything recently (see below) and a default file slipped through the net.

Carmignano in Tuscany to be precise. Very nice but not quite the same weather as good old North Yorkshire. Now updated to the correct location so it will populate itself (as much colder!) correctly over the next few days/weeks.

I updated a lot of other pages and the colour scheme this week too. All in all I think its looking petty good now. Fingers crossed.

Nice weather this week so I took a new set of page header images whilst out walking the dog - enjoy!

If you want something added or have other suggestions feel free to let me know post in the guestbook.

Final thought, saw this, made me laugh …

Leavening Weather Station

8th June - Change of Plan

So, I spent about 50 hours updating the whole website to a nice new, modern, html5 style with up-to-date modern code and then find it looks terrible on anything other than a PC/Mac.

On my phone I’ve got bits missing, stuff outside of tables and it generally looks horrible. Not much better on a tablet either.

I’ve been thinking, for a few days, that maybe I should revert to the old website and therefore waste about 100 hours of my life in total #OMG

Time for a compromise. I’ve changed the style back to look like something similar to the original site but kept all the work I’d done on speeding up and tidying the code. I think we now have the best of both worlds.

It looks nice on any device plus you can see everything on a phone - especially of you turn it round.

A bit of a nightmare. Hope you enjoy it Winking

Welcome to Leavening Weather Station.

Weather Forecasts, webcam and Live weather information from Ryedale in North Yorkshire, UK.



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