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I finally moved the Weather Forecast page over from a lazy iFrame inclusion to a real php page. It’s MILES better. Should have done this ages ago because the page length has never been correct due to the fixed size of the frame. Added a search box to all pages.

Also, I was wondering why my Forecast Accuracy Report on Temperature (FART) script was indicating that the poor old Norwegian Weather Service (YRNO) were so useless at forecasting the temperatures for Malton … on closer inspection it appears that the script was using some place in Italy for the report Winking This happened because I reinstalled everything recently (see below) and a default file slipped through the net.

Carmignano in Tuscany to be precise. Very nice but not quite the same weather as good old North Yorkshire. Now updated to the correct location so it will populate itself (as much colder!) correctly over the next few days/weeks.

I updated a lot of other pages and the colour scheme this week too. All in all I think its looking petty good now. Fingers crossed.

Nice weather this week so I took a new set of page header images whilst out walking the dog - enjoy!

If you want something added or have other suggestions feel free to let me know post in the guestbook.

Final thought, saw this, made me laugh …

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