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HTTPS Secure

Secured with SSL

I’ve realised, in life, that absolutely nothing is straightforward.

A few days ago my browser (Safari) started saying that this website was ‘insecure’. This is because it didn’t use https: and instead was using http: - As this obviously isn’t an eCommerce site which collects and retains no data this seems a bit unfair.

I totally understand why your bank or an online retailer needs the extra security which SSL provides as data exchanged between the user’s browser and the website server is encrypted.

As it’s impossible to hold back the tide of so-called progress I’ve changed the site to https. You don’t need to do anything as it will redirect old http requests to the new pages.

Welcome to Leavening Weather Station.

Weather Forecasts, webcam and Live weather information from Ryedale in North Yorkshire, UK.



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