Data Issues

So, no sooner than I declare everything’s working it goes and breaks.

Eagle eyed viewers might have noticed that a lot of the data entries on the main website pages were empty. This was caused by a database issue and is now fixed.

Unfortunately, it coincided with my having emptied my study in order to redecorate it so I couldn’t fire up a computer in order to fix it for a few days. Obviously, this isn’t acceptable but, hey, my study looks great now and it’s never happened before…

Also, we had issues with the rain gauge which are now fixed. The field containing the rain gauge had a herd of cows in it so I decided to wait until they’d been moved before trying to diagnose the lack of recorded rain. This is because I promised the kids they could help and I didn’t think it was safe for them. Turns out a combination of muck, spiders, moss and a leaf were to blame. All cleaned and fixed now so we should see much better data going forwards.