Favolaschia Calocera

I recently found this rare poroid mushroom whilst on holiday. In Britain the Orange Porecap is a recent introduction (or maybe the appearance of this sub-tropical species is the result of global warming); it is currently recorded in the UK from Devon and Cornwall.

This is a new invasive species and not generally listed as present in the UK. Favolaschia calocera, commonly known as the orange pore fungus, is a species of fungus in the family Mycenaceae. First observed in Madagascar, it has recently spread around the world and is now known from New Zealand, Italy, Australia, Hawaii, Venezuela, DR Congo, Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya,Thailand, China, Norfolk Island, Réunion Island, and Mayotte.

This striking pored member of the family Mycenaceae originated in Madagascar, from where it spread – presumably when timber was being shipped – to Australia and New Zealand. Over the past couple of decades the Orange Porecap has been spreading across Europe, and its range now includes parts of Italy and Spain.