GFS Forecasts

LWS 7 Day UK & Western Europe GFS [GraDS] Map Weather Forecast

These maps are based on the NOAA GFS Forecast Models and as such are calculated models so it’s possible that actual weather conditions may depart significantly from those being predicted. Once NOAA’s system has completed it’s calculations we download the data (well over 2 Gigabytes of data) and run our own forecasting models in order to create the images below (in excess of 1600 images are generated by the LWS wx-Server every night).

The lower left corner of the maps shows the “Run” time – this is the time when the modelling is started. The “Valid” time, on the right, is the time to which the map relates. Since the data processing by NOAA’s computers takes some time to complete, the run-time is always a few hours before the data is finally released. Hover over the timeline or click the animation play button to see the sequence we’ve generated here on the WX-Server.

Our LWS weather forecast maps are generated & updated daily using OpenGrADS and sequenced here using JQuery. The times on the maps are in Zulu-Time, which is the same as GMT/UTC-time.