I’ve been asked a number of times which hardware / software I’m using to create the website and run the weather station so here goes (complete with links) …

The Weather Station itself is a Davis Vantage Pro/2 FARS 6163UKX Wireless from Davis & includes a Davis DataLogger device which connects the Vantage to a dedicated PC (a Gigabite Pro SS) via the serial port. The system cost well over £1600 and a major component (the UV Detector) failed after just 14 months. Davis refused to replace it and they cost £350 to replace. Rip off. I would urge you not to buy a Davis weather station on this basis unless you have deep pockets. They’re just not reliable enough despite the high cost of initial purchase.

The main weather station software is Weather Display which I registered years ago and have been using ever since.

Weather Display was orginally conceived in 1999. The author, Brian Hamilton, is still actively developing and updating the software.

My basic tide information comes courtesy of WXTide32 by Michael Hopper and I process this into a MySql database which is used to make the awesome tide graph on the website. Mark Crossley also helped me with the code for the chart on this page.

I’ve tried a few other types of software (and there are plenty available) but this combination works best for me personally.

WXSim Forecasting Software

I use some specialised software & scripts too such as WXSIM (to create the weather forecasts) and extracts from the excellent ajax powered dashboard scripts from Saratoga Weather and Carter Lake (both in the US). You can find out more about all of this from Google.

Finally, the website is now made in WordPress. Lots of PWS (Personal Weather Stations) use a template website – which is why they all tend to look the same; I’ve managed to avoid this temptation so-far.

I hope you like the website and find the information of use. Please let me know if you spot something incorrect or have suggestions for improvements. You can do this using the Guestbook.

The equipment used here is starting to fail and a replacement is over £1600 – please help to keep the site running by making a donation using the button on the homepage if you can. Sofar, during 2020 I’ve received a total of £5 in support and spent in excess of 300 hours of my time on the station. Boo.