The camera is an SV3C 1080p IP66 IR/IP Day/Night bullet camera with an integral image server which refreshes the image every 10 minutes. It’s really handy if you already live in Leavening and can’t see through your windows…

Most Recent Image from Leavening

Live WebCam from Leavening, Ryedale, North Yorkshire, UK

I had a bit of a nightmare getting WordPress not to cache this image. When it’s cached it looks like it doesn’t update and only clearing the browser cache seems to work. Obviously this isn’t an acceptable solution so I’m using some PHP code to change the filename and fool the browser into reloading a fresh image each time it’s loaded.

The webcam updates 24/7 but does so less often when it’s dark. The camera has infra-red so it’s still possible to see a surprisingly large amount of detail even in pitch dark. Often, there is a spider making it’s web over the lens and occasionally other bugs are visible at night. Yuk.