Forecast Accuracy Comparison

Forecast Comparison Report on Temperature

It's always interesting to see how accurate, or otherwise, our Leavening Weather Forecasts are.

We run several forecasts every day and the two charts below, which are made in HighCharts, are comparing my morning WXSim forecast with the one from YrNo (click here for more information) and the Actual Temperature for the day in question (the first chart shows the accuracy of the High, and the second one is the Low for the day).

I'm very grateful for the support of Jim McMurry in creating this WXSim comparison script; without his expert support in coding the necessary PHP for this project you wouldn't be looking at it now.

Because the charts use HighCharts you can zoom in/out by highlighting a section and you can also toggle each of the three comparisons on/off. Watch out too for the tooltip boxes showing the numbers in more detail.
    YrNo / Actual / WxSim Forecast Comparision

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